Jewish Agency representative says Jews in Yemen are under increasing threat
Bruised from Battling Obama,Eric Cantor Softens His Tone in Domestic Policy Speech Eric Cantor is acutely aware that the GOP has an image problem. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor,R-Va.,holds a news conference on the Stock Act outside of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 31,2012. (Bill Clark/Getty)For the past year-and-a-half,the House majority leader and his colleagues have been manning the barricades of negativity: "No" to Obamacare. "No" to immigration reform. "No" to gun control. "No" to higher taxes on the wealthy. "No" to just about anything the White House wants. Now Cantor is trying to soften his hard-edged reputation, goyard handbags portraying the Republican Party as caring deeply about education,health care and innovation.
 It confirmed that suspicion I had that really good actors are just good in whatever situation you put them in.The Great Santini (1979) The Great Santini I remember very well. It was very disturbing to me. I grew up with a father not unlike the one in TheGreat Santini. It's funny because Robert Duvall is in that and he played the father in Jayne Mansfield's Carand that father is also loosely based on my dad in parts.It's been probably five or six years since I saw The Great Santini. It was on TV one day. I tuned in in the middle of it and couldn't help watching the rest of it. One of the scenes that sticks out in that movie is where Duvall is playing basketball with his son and bounces the ball off his head.
 Jewish Agency representative says Jews in Yemen are under increasing threat of anti-Semitic attacks since President Ali Abdullah Saleh's ouster. (Israel Hayom) Israel arrests Beitar Jerusalem fans suspected of torching soccer club's office- Two weeks after arson attack burns down Jerusalem offices of Israeli soccer team,police arrest two suspects thought to be members of racist 'La Familia' fan group; more arrests expected. (Haaretz+) Republicans' rising star visits Israel- Florida Senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate Marco Rubio set to meet Peres,Netanyahu. Learn more about the man dubbed 'The Republican Savior' by Time Magazine. (Ynet)For the full?News from Israel.Are Gun Accidents 'Very Rare'? Scott Olson/Getty ImagesYesterday,at CNN.
m. It zipped across in a few seconds,causing massive explosions that blew out thousands of windows and broke roofs and walls. As the numbers of people with damaged ear drums,bruises,and cuts grew from 400 to 950,the ministry of emergency affairs hurried to say that they had sent text messages to everybody in Chelyabinsk to warn them about the explosion in the sky,if after the fact. But there were skeptics: "That is not true,there were no text messages; I had four working cellphones in my Chelyabinsk apartment—after the explosions,all of them stopped working," wrote a user named Yegor on the website. "I saw the phenomenon with my own eyes,and I do not believe in meteorite version,it looked more like a burning airplane," another person wrote.
D. dissertations written by his students. The students were not culpable,even though their work was now tarnished. The field of psychology was indicted,too,with a finding that Stapel's fraud went undetected for so long because of "a general culture of careless,selective and uncritical handling of research and data." If Stapel was solely to blame for making stuff up,the report stated,his peers,journal editors and reviewers of the field's top journals were to blame for letting him get away with it. The committees identified several practices as "sloppy science" — misuse of statistics,ignoring of data that do not conform to a desired hypothesis and the pursuit of a compelling story no matter how scientifically unsupported it may be.
"Nick Prugo was standing nearby me,and my friend said,‘That looks like the guy that robbed your house,'" testified Lohan. "And he was asked to leave where I was."Lohan later claimed that the burglary left her so traumatized that  goyard bags she hadn't returned to the home since,first moving into a hotel and then an apartment."That night that I went back to the house,I just felt,to be honest,so violated and uncomfortable that I literally packed as much stuff as I could,because it wasn't about the things that were taken,it was just the fact that someone came into the only private space that I have in my life at this point," said Lohan. "And my sister was with me and she was really upset and scared.
Yet,for the past seven years,on the final Monday in May,an occasion reserved for memory,I have remembered,among others,the late Merlyn Krueger.And now,maybe,you will,too.Death Row Debbie Milke Could Soon Be Free Debra Milke spent 25 years in jail. (The Arizona Republic; Arizona Department of Corrections,via AP)For more than 22 years,Debbie Milke has sat on Arizona's death row,convicted of killing her only child. Known locally as Death Row Debbie,Milke and her lawyers have argued for years that she was the victim of a crooked cop with a history of lying under oath. Finally,the courts took notice. And Death Row Debbie could be free in a matter of days.Milke's story began on Dec.
 I have so much dread from accounts I’ve read about book events where no one shows up,to empty seats …Tell us something about yourself that is largely unknown and perhaps surprising.I suspect most of my readers would not expect that I’m one of the faculty advisers for ROTC at Princeton. I got there because my son,in his last year at college,was faced with 9/11,and decided to join the Marines. He served with them for nine years. He was the first military person in our family since my grandfather,who was a cavalryman for the czar.In your latest book,the colossal tome The Classical Tradition,is there one entry that is a particular favorite of yours?Oh,boy! Yeah,I really like the Asterix entry.
 He would walk into his room,shut the door,I would go back to my office and shut the door,and about thirty seconds later a ping would go on,and it would be Luke."Hey,Dad! Wuz up with you today?"And we would instant message each other and have a conversation about our days. And sometimes we'd actually be sitting on the same bed watching a hockey game together,instant messaging each other in total silence.Now I loved instant messaging,once I'd gotten the hang of it. I loved the simplicity of it,I loved the autonomy of it,and I loved the language of abbreviations that instant messaging has. And Luke taught me all of the abbreviations: "brb" means "be right back," "U2" means "you too," "g2g" means "got to go.
 In aninfluential 1964 articlein the journal Tradition,Joseph Ber Soloveitchik addressed the question of interfaith dialogue. He came out firmly against,but the resulting argument is most interesting as a record of a deeply dichotomous sense of what it meant to be an American Jew. "We Jews have been burdened with a twofold task," Soloveitchik wrote. "We think of ourselves as human beings,sharing the destiny of Adam in his general encounter with nature,and as members of a covenantal community which has preserved its identity under most unfavorable conditions,confronted by another faith community." Soloveitchik rejected interfaith dialogue because he believed those were fundamentally separate categories: "the word of faith reflects the intimate,the private,the paradoxically inexpressible cravings of the individual…the numinous character and the strangeness of the act of faith of a particular community which is totally incomprehensible to the man of a different faith community.
"We're his suburban Annie Oakleys," said Michelle Lancaster,proudly claiming the Breitbart epithet.Most of them in small assembly were bloggers or social-media activists who know each other from Twitter and brag 100,000 people in their digital networks combined. All were under the age 50.While it was smaller than the packed memorial in central Houston last year for Breitbart after he died suddenly, goyard bags online the event was joined in spirit by others across the country.Melissa Clouthier,a conservative blogger and mom who knew Breitbart personally,organized the event. (They expected about 15 people,but blamed Friday-night traffic in the sprawling city for cramping the size.)"He was just starting to reach the apex of his career.